Find out how you can support rural mothers and empower them to make a difference, These mothers are not lazy they just need the right amount of support

Empower Rural Mothers

Empower our Rural mothers and support them to do greater things, These hardworking women deserve our support
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Supporting Rural Mothers with micro finance

Supporting Rural Mothers with micro finance to help them start or grow their small businesses, this mico finance are of 0% interest rate
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Empower Yoruba Mothers

All of our projects are intended to support These rural mothers with their micro business and grow.
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Yoruba Progressive Foundation

1. Yoruba Progressive (YP) is the Nigerian Representation Face of Egbe Omo Yoruba, Southern California Chapter (OY).
2. OY as a part of their mandate is committed to facilitating projects in support of
– Youth Empowerment
– Women engagement in Governance and Leadership
– Rural Development.

3. One of the key projects of OY/YP is the provision of zero interest/zero cost micro finance for Women and Youth Business Enterprises.

4. These micro finance funds are to be self managed by the association the business enterprises belong to. The financing terms are also set by them.

5. This first amount goes to 5 deserving women amongst the Alajapa Traders in Aiyetoro.

6. Funding provided to YP by Wamufat Farms, Alhaja Fatimoh and GO Architects, Otunba Sotilewa Osifeso.

7. The program is based on and inspired by Yoruba Koya, the Pa Yoruba self determination group.
Abgajo Owo ni afi ngbe eru de ori. All of us working together to better our Yoruba Land. Odua a gbe wa o.

As a non profit in USA and in Nigeria, we are confident of funds in excess of #10,000,000.00 – #50,000,000.00 for our foundation.

We have focused our efforts on following:
Y = Youth Empowerment
W = Women engagement in leadership
S = Sustainable Rural

With the above initiatives we have started Y and W.
We hope to be able to launch our S initiatives soon.

Long live Yoruba Koya ideals.
Odua a gbe wa o.”

ur soldiers and their dependants.

From Our Communities of Mothers in Our Rural Areas

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